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Mike The Tiger


In honor of my favorite person’s birthday this year, I thought I would tell a little story about one of my favorite times I ever gifted something that I made. It also happened to be on Josh’s 28th birthday, about a month after we met.

Rewind back to 2011, and I had been dating this awesome guy for about a month. I really liked him, and was super excited to hang out with him on his birthday, as he was having a get together with a group of his Coast Guard friends. BUT, the dilemma I was having was… we had only been dating a month! Not long enough for me to warrant buying him something nice, but I didn’t want to not get him something either. My solution? I turned to knitting, of course!

I knew that Josh went to LSU and he was a huge Tiger fan. So I decided to knit him a tiger teddy bear, wearing an LSU jersey. Either he was going to think it was totally lame and run far away from the weirdo girl who knit it for him, or he was going to think it was totally awesome! I took a chance, wrapped it up (used yarn as a bow), and gave it to him the night of his birthday.


Judging by his reaction and the ring that I have on my finger, I think he liked it! 🙂 He also wouldn’t let go of Mike the entire night, and even changed his Facebook profile picture to Mike drinking out of a straw. Such pride and love that man had for his newfound friend… That is when I knew I had a keeper!

Mike got to play a very special part in our engagement photos, which I love to pieces! He also now occupies a comfy spot on our mantle, right next to our wedding vows.


Still, to this day, I cannot get over how handsome my hubby is!! How did I get so lucky? Back when we were just dating, I remember obsessing over those photos I had taken from his birthday. He was just too cute, I remembered thinking. Happy 31st, Josh. I love you so much! <3

My First Vlog: How I Started My Business & What’s New

Hey y’allll, I made my first ever vlog!

Just thought I’d make a little video to introduce myself so you could to get to know the face behind The Petite Package. I also talk about how I started my business and what’s been new recently.

If you have any feedback or suggestions on what to post next, please comment! I’d love to make videos on stuff you’d actually be interested in.

Happy Saturday!