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Freebie Friday: Printable December Calendar

december calendarAnother Freebie Friday, another fabulous printable!

This week we have put together a super cute calendar for the month of December. Just download it, print it, and fill it in with all of your fun holidays events!

To download, click here!

Be sure to check back in next week to see the Thanksgiving freebie we have for you! 🙂

Freebie Friday: Printable Workout Journal

freebie friday - workout scheduleIT’S FREEBIE FRIDAY!

Okay, I know the holidays are coming up, but that is no reason to start slacking off yet! Keep up the hard work and stay on track with this Beyonce fabulous workout journal! Using a workout journal is so helpful in knowing where you are in your growth. It can be so hard to remember what weight you did with each exercise, let alone how many sets and reps. If you write it down, you can see exactly what you did, and try and add 5 more pounds, or pump out a few extra reps. So print these out for each gym session and watch your progress grow! You can even hole punch them and put them in a super cute binder. Now go get it, girl!

Download the workout schedule here.

Be sure to check back next week to see what fabulous thing we have in store for you!

9 Trendy Back-to-School Supplies

9 Trendy Back to School SuppliesCollection curated by Allie; The Petite Package

Since school is back in full swing, we put together a collection of trendy and super cute school supplies. We’ve been on a collection kick lately!

01. Ikat Tribal Backpack, $21.99,
02. Customizable May Designs Notebook, $19+,
03. 4GB Popsicle USB Flash Drive, $6,
04. Kaleidoscope Poly Pocket Folder, $2,
05. Gentle Reminders Pencils, $12,
06. Anchor Lunchbox, $19.95,
07. Slip-On Calculator, $28,
08. Hey Girl Journal, $9.95,
09. Customizable Family Planner, $35,

Is it just us or are school supplies these days way cuter than back in the 90’s?

What do you think of our favorite school supplies this year?
Let us know in the comments!

Until next time–
Monica & Allie

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