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Trend Tuesday: Mint

Trend Tuesday_ Mint copySo, I think that you all know how much I love mint by now! There is a reason I painted my office this awesome color, it just makes me so happy! if it’s mint… I have to have it.

Here is a collection of yummy mint awesomeness!

01. Mint Paged Journal My love for paper and mint wrapped up into one glorious product! This is definitely on my wish list. People, take note. Jackdaw Bindery, $31.47+

02. DIY Mint Desk Makeover Want to get your hands dirty? Try out this DIY Mint Desk Makeover! It is definitely one that  I am contemplating taking on myself. What do you think? Mint office, mint wills… too much?! Nah… 😉 The 36th Avenue

03. Mint KitchenAid Mixer In my opinion, KitchenAid has some of the best appliances for the kitchen. Not only do they work extremely well, they come in an assortment of bright and fun colors (including mint)! A KitchenAid mixer was my #1 most wanted thing on my wedding registry, but unfortunately we didn’t get one. I am saving up for one of these babies the hard way. 🙂

KitchenAid, $350+

04. Mint Pencils This girl’s shop is hilarious! I mean seriously, I must have these. Going in my shopping cart right now! JulieAnnArt, $5

05. Mint Heart Stickers So pretty and oh-so-cute! Great for DIY projects, sealing envelopes, or for putting that special touch on stationary. The Petite Package, $5

06. Mint Backpack This mint backpack is adorable! If I were still in school, I would totally have this on the top of my back to school shopping list!! By Goods, $24.99

What do you think of this week’s trend? Do you love mint? What are some of your favorite color trends? Let us know in the comments below!

9 Trendy Back-to-School Supplies

9 Trendy Back to School SuppliesCollection curated by Allie; The Petite Package

Since school is back in full swing, we put together a collection of trendy and super cute school supplies. We’ve been on a collection kick lately!

01. Ikat Tribal Backpack, $21.99,
02. Customizable May Designs Notebook, $19+,
03. 4GB Popsicle USB Flash Drive, $6,
04. Kaleidoscope Poly Pocket Folder, $2,
05. Gentle Reminders Pencils, $12,
06. Anchor Lunchbox, $19.95,
07. Slip-On Calculator, $28,
08. Hey Girl Journal, $9.95,
09. Customizable Family Planner, $35,

Is it just us or are school supplies these days way cuter than back in the 90’s?

What do you think of our favorite school supplies this year?
Let us know in the comments!

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