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Freebie Friday: Printable Office Print

Print for OfficeIt’s Freebie Friday!

Need a little motivation to make your bad day a good day? Look no further! Enjoy this FREE printable for your office!

Check back next week to see what Freebie we have in store for you guys!

To download: Click the link below, download, and print. Voila!
“It’s A Good Day” Print

Trend Tuesday: Mint

Trend Tuesday_ Mint copySo, I think that you all know how much I love mint by now! There is a reason I painted my office this awesome color, it just makes me so happy! if it’s mint… I have to have it.

Here is a collection of yummy mint awesomeness!

01. Mint Paged Journal My love for paper and mint wrapped up into one glorious product! This is definitely on my wish list. People, take note. Jackdaw Bindery, $31.47+

02. DIY Mint Desk Makeover Want to get your hands dirty? Try out this DIY Mint Desk Makeover! It is definitely one that  I am contemplating taking on myself. What do you think? Mint office, mint wills… too much?! Nah… 😉 The 36th Avenue

03. Mint KitchenAid Mixer In my opinion, KitchenAid has some of the best appliances for the kitchen. Not only do they work extremely well, they come in an assortment of bright and fun colors (including mint)! A KitchenAid mixer was my #1 most wanted thing on my wedding registry, but unfortunately we didn’t get one. I am saving up for one of these babies the hard way. 🙂

KitchenAid, $350+

04. Mint Pencils This girl’s shop is hilarious! I mean seriously, I must have these. Going in my shopping cart right now! JulieAnnArt, $5

05. Mint Heart Stickers So pretty and oh-so-cute! Great for DIY projects, sealing envelopes, or for putting that special touch on stationary. The Petite Package, $5

06. Mint Backpack This mint backpack is adorable! If I were still in school, I would totally have this on the top of my back to school shopping list!! By Goods, $24.99

What do you think of this week’s trend? Do you love mint? What are some of your favorite color trends? Let us know in the comments below!

Freebie Friday: Chore Chart & Meal Planner

It’s Freebie Friday and this week we are all about getting organized!

The Petite Package Chore Chart

Allie and I are list makers ourselves. We both are so motivated by checking those little boxes! It’s great that we are able to have a system that works well for the both of us. It makes for a nice harmonizing work relationship!

If you are a list maker too, then you will love this handy little chore chart and meal planner  we’ve created for you! Chores don’t have to be done all at once. You can separate them out over the course of a week. Just do one each day!

Also included on the downloadable pdf is a meal planning & grocery list. I know I always have to have a plan before going to the store, otherwise it’s chaos and stuff ends up in my basket that really shouldn’t be there (you know what I mean).

Anyway, this is a super cute tool that we made just for you (and us too).

Feel free to print out multiple copies for each week and stick it on the fridge!


The Petite Package Chore Chart – (click to download)

Freebie Friday: Downloadable Desktop Wallpaper

Need a little motivation, positivity, or pop of color in your workplace?
This FREE downloadable desktop wallpaper is sure to do the trick!

800×600 (Download here)
1024×768 (Download here)
1280×960 (Download here)
1600×1200 (Download here)

Freebie Friday will be a regular thing on our blog starting today! So, be sure to check back every Friday to see what kind of printable or downloadable content we will be giving you!

We have a ton of new stuff in the works for you guys and are so excited that you are going to be a part of the journey with us. 🙂

Until next time —

Monica & Allie

Office Transformation: Before & After

Oh my gosh… I am so sorry that I have sucked at posting new blog posts since my very first one, but I promise – I have been busy! It was pretty much a constant scramble trying to get our house ready for our housewarming party on October 19. I’m talking cleaning, painting, decorating, assembling new furniture, installing new appliances, etc etc…. Josh and I were wound up like robots just doing, doing doing right up until the day of the party! Well, the party turned out to be a success, and now we can finally calm down and try to return to normal life (key word: try). I am so relieved and happy that I can return to blogging about everything we’ve been working on, and start doing more little projects at my own snail’s pace.

Today I wanted to share the project that I was most excited about – my office!

I only have a few before photos, as I didn’t really want to get settled in since I knew I would be painting right away. These were taken during the inspection:

IMG_0915 IMG_0917

Not too bad, just a standard color and lacking any kind of personality.

Earlier in the month I had posted this photo on Facebook, asking for paint color opinions:Which color

 For anyone who knows me well, you know that my favorite color is mint! So of course, what better color to paint my office 🙂

Opinions were pretty much split between the two I was deciding between. Ultimately, I ended up choosing the lighter color for a couple of different reasons:

1. The lighting in my office does not have as much natural light as I would hope. I had to lighten the photo a little bit, because it wasn’t bright enough to take a decent picture. So it actually does look a little darker in person.

2. I felt that once the room was covered in paint, it would have a more overall “minty” effect, even with the lighter color. I didn’t want to regret having too dark or bright colored of a room. For the record though, the darker mint is more true to my favorite color!

The color I chose was Tropical Dream by Behr. All 4 paint samples on the wall were different variations of Behr paint. I am SO glad that I bought paint samples before I started painting, because the first one I picked, which I thought was the “winner” was the second to left! It turned out being nothing like I expected once it was on the wall. In fact, I think buying paint samples is so important, that I’m going to do a whole separate blog post on it very soon.

Okay. So then…. I started painting!


Instagram selfie. No makeup, but hey – it’s paint day! And yes, I did wear a matching mint cami…


See how yellow it can look sometimes?



and….. AFTER!


Still looking for something to hang above my white work table.

I painted the ceiling white too. Cutting in the edges was time consuming, but worth it!


This is a fabric bulletin board that I made! (Blog post in the works) I had the fabric in my stash, and it happened to go with the mint walls perfectly. I wanted a world map so I could put a pin everywhere I’ve sold on Etsy. I also spray painted those honeycomb cubbies white – they were a bare wood before.


I took the closet doors down. Eventually I am going to hang white lace curtains to drape the space. I thought it would be cool to display all of the colorful fabrics and random other stuff I have.


Hmm… after adding the chaos, maybe I’ll put those doors back on…


I also painted those big cubbies white. They were an espresso brown color before. It was the first piece of laminate furniture I’ve painted, and I learned a lot!


 Where the magic happens.

IMG_1682This is my favorite part about my office: The beautiful Pacific NW view outside my window.

And there you have it! Now you can picture me writing this blog post while sitting in the corner of my mint-colored office! What do you think about the combination of white and black furniture? I originally pictured all white, but it just wasn’t in my budget to replace the pieces I already had. The cubbies were easy enough to paint, but the desk and bookcase – not so much.

What personal touches have you done to spaces in your home that you absolutely love?

Thanks for reading 🙂