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My First Vlog: How I Started My Business & What’s New

Hey y’allll, I made my first ever vlog!

Just thought I’d make a little video to introduce myself so you could to get to know the face behind The Petite Package. I also talk about how I started my business and what’s been new recently.

If you have any feedback or suggestions on what to post next, please comment! I’d love to make videos on stuff you’d actually be interested in.

Happy Saturday!



Introducing Allie!

I’d like to give a very warm welcome to the newest member of The Petite Package team, Allie! She will be working one-on-one with our customers as Administrative Director, as well as collaborating on new product lines as Graphic Designer! She couldn’t be a better fit for the job, and I couldn’t be more excited to have her!


Hi there! I’m Allie 🙂

I’m 24, married to my husband Matthew for 3 years, and we have a beautiful daughter, Andee, a dog named Lilli, and we live in Union City, TN. I love spending time with my family, online shopping, doodling, laughing, playing board games, NETFLIX, and Mario Kart. Haha.

I have a BFA in graphic design, and I’m currently studying and taking online courses towards my masters in web design. My work experience ranges from designing web and press advertisements for my local newspaper, where and made sure everything was perfect within newspapers and tabloids before they were sent to print on the press. I’ve designed party/wedding invites for an invitation boutique, freelanced design for logos, branding, websites, postcards, posters, and the list goes on and on. I have done a little bit of everything!

Most artists do some sort of art all of their life. I wasn’t like that. I didn’t know that I could even draw until my Senior year of high school. I was having to draw something for this county fair program to help kids make some extra summer money. Once I realized that I could draw and how much I loved it, I decided to take Art as an elective in high school. I ended up loving it even more than I thought I would. I realized how much I loved logos and CD covers, so decided I would go into Graphic Design. Plus, I’m kind of a font snob. My husband makes fun of me for it. My art teacher actually told me that I wouldn’t make it into an art college because I didn’t have enough background in art. It really pissed me off, so I decided to prove her wrong. I worked my butt off getting a portfolio ready and ended up getting into the 7th best art school in the nation. I also received a Raw Talent Scholarship to attend. 🙂

Why I love graphic design: Graphic design is literally EVERYWHERE. It It has such an impact on our world, whether people realize it or not.  And I like the idea of helping people create something beautiful. That’s actually my “motto”: Let me help you create something beautiful.

Why I love designing wedding stuff: I love to help make people’s big day special. If I can help make one aspect of a couple’s wedding perfect, I have done my job. EVERYTHING in my wedding was DIY. I had a vintage wedding and we handmade everything. I had handmade toppers, cake stands, button bouquets, jewelry, favors, table numbers, center pieces, place cards, register book… literally everything. I even hand painted a painting of the Cabaret sign for it. I will give details about my bouquets, though. They were my favorite. My bouquets were made out of beads. I went to every thrift shop looking for vintage beads and pearls. Every single one was hand glued and they took me a month to do all of them! Then, my mom sewed fabric around them and used lace and doilies where the “stem” would go. They were beautiful and all of my bridesmaids (and me) still have theirs out on display in their houses! I Below is a picture of them. Also, my wedding dress was grey, but that’s an entirely  different story! 🙂268973_10150712044000548_1073003_nI am still having a hard time believing that a job so perfect for me actually exists! It’s not everyday that an offer comes up for me to make money doing the things that I love to do.