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Trend Tuesday: Monograms

Trend Tuesday - MonogramsEveryone loves a good monogram. It’s a fact. There is just something so great about getting that awesome iPhone case or robe monogrammed. Monograms can make your wedding day super personal as well. We have thrown together a list of some of our favorite monogrammed items to make your wedding day even more special!

1. Tribal Arrow Wedding Stamp, $39.50+, The Petite Package

2. Preppy Monogrammed Wedding Koozies, $79, Rook Design Co.

3. Monogram Wedding Cake Topper, $90, Studio Bloom Iowa

4. Rustic Monogrammed Guestbook, $24.99, The Paper Walrus

5. Set of 6 Monogrammed Bridal Party Robes, $210+, Heritage Wedding

6. Nautical Wedding Stickers, $12.50+, The Petite Package

7. Painted Monogram, $28.95+, Custom Cut Monograms

8. Monogram Stickers, $12.50+, The Petite Package

9. Personalized Wedding Ring Bag, $7.50, Clementine Weddings

10. Personalized Cutting Board, $31.95+, Shady Oak Board Co.

All of these beautiful wedding items can be purchased from a variety of Etsy sellers just like The Petite Package! Etsy is a great place to look for unique and handmade wedding items. I encourage every one of you amazing brides to give Etsy a little looksie!

Do you like any of our monogrammed picks this week? Let us know in the comments!!

Trend Tuesday: DIY Pumpkins

Trend Tuesday_ PumpkinsThe holiday season is coming into full swing and we are gearing up for Halloween here at The Petite Package! One of my favorite things to do in honor of Halloween and the fall season is sitting pumpkins out on my front porch. There are so many different things you can do with pumpkins these days. I have compiled a DIY Pumpkin list full of super fun and easy ways to personalize pumpkins!

01. Black Cat O’Lanterns
I am a huge cat lover! What cuter way to share your love for cats and Halloween than with this black cat o’latern?! Carve out the eyes, cut some pointy ears out of cardstock, get your some black spray paint, and voila! Seems simple enough! Sunset

02. Decoupage Photo Pumpkin
This is a pumpkin that you can make SUPER personal! Allie is going to be making this one with pictures of her adorable little toddler, Andee Beth. All you need is a pumpkin, mod podge, a paintbrush, and some of your favorite photos.
Sugar and Charm

03. Vine-and-Leaf Carved Pumpkin
This one looks difficult, but the lovely Martha Stewart has made it super easy for us! Head on over to her blog for templates for this beautiful carved pumpkin!
Martha Stewart

04. Glitter Monogrammed Pumpkin
Who doesn’t love a good monogrammed pumpkin? Add glitter to it and you have yourself one totally adorable pumpkin!
Unoriginal Mom

05. Glittered Chevron Pumpkin
My love for glitter grows more and more as the days pass! You could do this one in any color (mint, maybe?!) and it would look just as cute.

06. No-Carve Mummy Pumpkin
This pumpkin idea would be perfect to do with your kids! No-carve= No-mess!

07. Glittered Pumpkin Placecards
At The Petite Package, we specialize in wedding products. So, adding this one to list was a no brainer for me! What is so great about these pumpkins, are that you can do a gold glitter one if you want. You don’t even have to use these for a wedding! You could totally use them for that last minute Halloween party you are planning!
Formal Fringe

08. Modern Halloween Pumpkins
These pumpkins are to DIE for! To make these babies, all you need is tape, black paint, and a paintbrush. I would add a cute bow on the stem of mine.
Crafty in Crosby

Also, here are some tips on how to make your pumpkin last longer!

There you have it! Allie and I will definitely be trying out some of the cute pumpkin ideas!!

Are you and your family making pumpkins this year? What kind do you plan on making? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Crafting!

They’re Finally Here! Check Out Our NEW Stamp Collection!

Hey guys! We’ve been working hard on designing a new line of stamps, and they’re finally here! I’m excited to show you the new pretties that will be making a home in the shop.


Thank You Kindly Stamp

Thank You Kindly

I actually had this stamp in mind for my own packaging. I designed it to use on all of the packages that are shipped out to my customers. I posted a pic on Instagram, and got some great feedback as well as couple of requests for it, so here it is for you all to enjoy!

 PrettyPleaseDoNotBend1Pretty Please Handle With Care & Do Not Bend

This is the second shipping stamp I designed for the collection. I also use this one on my own flat mailers, because the last thing anyone wants is for their package to get bent in the mail and arrive damaged! Plus, it’s a bit more polite than a traditional DO NOT BEND! stamp 🙂

Made With LoveMade With Love Heart & Arrow

For all of the makers, crafters, gifters, & do-it-yourself-ers!

WeddingArrowWedding Arrow Monogram

Of course we had to add another wedding stamp to our existing collection, and this one is my favorite by far! There is nothing more on trend right now than this crossing arrow design, featuring your initials, monogram, and wedding date. Perfect for save the dates and invitations!

WhyThankYouWhy Thank You!

Everyone needs a plethora of thank you stamps in their stamp drawer. (I have tons!) This is a super fun modern stamp designed by our graphic designer, Allie.

Heart StampsMini Hearts

Plain & simple. Itty bitty. Super cute. Available in solid or outline.

arrowTribal Arrow

Probably my favorite motif right now. Tribal arrows are everywhere and you can use this stamp for anything. I can’t wait to cover some brown kraft wrapping paper in gold arrows this holiday season!

fleurdelisFleur de Lis

A traditional Louisiana motif. Special to me because I married my husband in New Orleans.


A hand-drawn stamp by our very own Allie. How adorable! Perfect for stamping on snail mail to your BFF, decorating gifts, and of course Valentines Day!

And there you have it! You’ve gotten to know every single one of our new stamps individually. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Each of these stamps are available to purchase in our Etsy shop:

You can also click on the title of the stamp, which will take you to the link directly.

Happy Stamping!