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Freebie Friday: Printable Office Print

Print for OfficeIt’s Freebie Friday!

Need a little motivation to make your bad day a good day? Look no further! Enjoy this FREE printable for your office!

Check back next week to see what Freebie we have in store for you guys!

To download: Click the link below, download, and print. Voila!
“It’s A Good Day” Print

Office Transformation: Before & After

Oh my gosh… I am so sorry that I have sucked at posting new blog posts since my very first one, but I promise – I have been busy! It was pretty much a constant scramble trying to get our house ready for our housewarming party on October 19. I’m talking cleaning, painting, decorating, assembling new furniture, installing new appliances, etc etc…. Josh and I were wound up like robots just doing, doing doing right up until the day of the party! Well, the party turned out to be a success, and now we can finally calm down and try to return to normal life (key word: try). I am so relieved and happy that I can return to blogging about everything we’ve been working on, and start doing more little projects at my own snail’s pace.

Today I wanted to share the project that I was most excited about – my office!

I only have a few before photos, as I didn’t really want to get settled in since I knew I would be painting right away. These were taken during the inspection:

IMG_0915 IMG_0917

Not too bad, just a standard color and lacking any kind of personality.

Earlier in the month I had posted this photo on Facebook, asking for paint color opinions:Which color

 For anyone who knows me well, you know that my favorite color is mint! So of course, what better color to paint my office 🙂

Opinions were pretty much split between the two I was deciding between. Ultimately, I ended up choosing the lighter color for a couple of different reasons:

1. The lighting in my office does not have as much natural light as I would hope. I had to lighten the photo a little bit, because it wasn’t bright enough to take a decent picture. So it actually does look a little darker in person.

2. I felt that once the room was covered in paint, it would have a more overall “minty” effect, even with the lighter color. I didn’t want to regret having too dark or bright colored of a room. For the record though, the darker mint is more true to my favorite color!

The color I chose was Tropical Dream by Behr. All 4 paint samples on the wall were different variations of Behr paint. I am SO glad that I bought paint samples before I started painting, because the first one I picked, which I thought was the “winner” was the second to left! It turned out being nothing like I expected once it was on the wall. In fact, I think buying paint samples is so important, that I’m going to do a whole separate blog post on it very soon.

Okay. So then…. I started painting!


Instagram selfie. No makeup, but hey – it’s paint day! And yes, I did wear a matching mint cami…


See how yellow it can look sometimes?



and….. AFTER!


Still looking for something to hang above my white work table.

I painted the ceiling white too. Cutting in the edges was time consuming, but worth it!


This is a fabric bulletin board that I made! (Blog post in the works) I had the fabric in my stash, and it happened to go with the mint walls perfectly. I wanted a world map so I could put a pin everywhere I’ve sold on Etsy. I also spray painted those honeycomb cubbies white – they were a bare wood before.


I took the closet doors down. Eventually I am going to hang white lace curtains to drape the space. I thought it would be cool to display all of the colorful fabrics and random other stuff I have.


Hmm… after adding the chaos, maybe I’ll put those doors back on…


I also painted those big cubbies white. They were an espresso brown color before. It was the first piece of laminate furniture I’ve painted, and I learned a lot!


 Where the magic happens.

IMG_1682This is my favorite part about my office: The beautiful Pacific NW view outside my window.

And there you have it! Now you can picture me writing this blog post while sitting in the corner of my mint-colored office! What do you think about the combination of white and black furniture? I originally pictured all white, but it just wasn’t in my budget to replace the pieces I already had. The cubbies were easy enough to paint, but the desk and bookcase – not so much.

What personal touches have you done to spaces in your home that you absolutely love?

Thanks for reading 🙂