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Freebie Friday: Chore Chart & Meal Planner

It’s Freebie Friday and this week we are all about getting organized!

The Petite Package Chore Chart

Allie and I are list makers ourselves. We both are so motivated by checking those little boxes! It’s great that we are able to have a system that works well for the both of us. It makes for a nice harmonizing work relationship!

If you are a list maker too, then you will love this handy little chore chart and meal plannerĀ  we’ve created for you! Chores don’t have to be done all at once. You can separate them out over the course of a week. Just do one each day!

Also included on the downloadable pdf is a meal planning & grocery list. I know I always have to have a plan before going to the store, otherwise it’s chaos and stuff ends up in my basket that really shouldn’t be there (you know what I mean).

Anyway, this is a super cute tool that we made just for you (and us too).

Feel free to print out multiple copies for each week and stick it on the fridge!


The Petite Package Chore Chart – (click to download)