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5 Things I Miss About My Old Job


Being a creative business owner certainly has its perks. I’ve said many times that I have my dream job, and I still stand by that statement. There are some things about the good ol’ banking days that I do miss, though. What, you might ask? Read on, my friends…

1. Wearing nice clothes and having a reason to look like a decent human being. I have read countless blogs that say if you work from home, the best thing you can do is put on real clothes in the morning. And oh, maybe try do something with that bedhead and no-makeup look you’ve got going on. Yeah…. about that. If someone could make me a magic potion that somehow makes me motivated to do that, let me know! 😉 I think, at one point, there was a girl that lived inside of me that loved to wear high-heels, trendy outfits, and MAC makeup. Now, there isn’t much that’s getting me out of these yoga pants and oversized t-shirts! Yikes!

2. Normal work hours. I have developed this crazy sleep pattern… I stay up til 2 or 3 am and wake up at 9 or 10. What gives? There is nothing that is holding me hostage to the typical 9-5 so I guess my body is taking charge is telling me it wants to hang out and stay up late. By the time I finish my work and have time to run errands, all of the store are closed and the people I want to bother are sleeping! Also, having a flexible schedule usually means that every work day is a bit different, and I miss having that consistency. My lunch hour is never at the same time, I am constantly sidetracked and agreeing to social engagements and appointments that fall within the work day, because I can ‘make it work.’ Sticking to a strict schedule is a work in progress for me.

3. People to talk to. You’ve experienced it before: Those days where you haven’t left the house in several days, you’re wearing the same clothes as you did the day before, and all of a sudden, you’re laughing to yourself at some lame joke that crossed your mind. Then, you can’t stop laughing so you just keep talking to yourself until you decide that that’s weird and you should probably not do that anymore. Then you hope to god nobody was peering through your window talking to yourself like a crazy person. So, you head downstairs to pour yourself a glass of wine while you dance around the kitchen listening to the N’Sync Pandora station. No? That’s just me? Well rats…. I really miss people.

4. IM & Email. Again, people are required for this one. Have a bad day at work? Not to worry! My co-worker is sharing in the same misery, and we can vent about it together on IM! Slow day at work? Nothing to do? Let’s photoshop pictures of our coworkers on Twilight movie stills, email it to everyone, and laugh until we can’t breathe and a customer walks in. Oh, the welcome distraction. I really do believe that great work thrives from a positive work environment. And what better way to create that than laughter, friends, and a good time.

5. People took me more seriously than they do now. This one is sad, but true. 🙁 I don’t know why, but describing what I do for a living is one of my least favorite things to do, and it frequently comes up in conversation. First of all, trying to describe all of the intimate details of what it is my business is about in a 1-2 sentence synopsis is like trying to tell someone that kittens aren’t cute. It simply can’t be done. Second, after the 1-2 sentence description, the typical responses I receive are, “Oh, so you have like a side business? That sounds so cute! I wish I could be a stay-at-home wife. Is that like your hobby? What do you do with all of your spare time?” etc etc etc…. (I cringe). So, I learned very quickly that I needed to be okay with not measuring my success by other people’s opinions.

Well there you have it folks, five things I miss about the most about the good ol’ banking days. Never did think I would every say such things! You know what though, most of my best friendships stemmed from working in retail banking. There is something about being in an environment with one another… the bonds you form with those people are undeniable.  There are some days where I just feel like a hot mess and miss that positive encouragement and camradery.

So tell me! Whether you currently work a 9-5 job, are a business owner, or somewhere in between – What is the least favorite part about your job? What do you love most?