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Mike The Tiger


In honor of my favorite person’s birthday this year, I thought I would tell a little story about one of my favorite times I ever gifted something that I made. It also happened to be on Josh’s 28th birthday, about a month after we met.

Rewind back to 2011, and I had been dating this awesome guy for about a month. I really liked him, and was super excited to hang out with him on his birthday, as he was having a get together with a group of his Coast Guard friends. BUT, the dilemma I was having was… we had only been dating a month! Not long enough for me to warrant buying him something nice, but I didn’t want to not get him something either. My solution? I turned to knitting, of course!

I knew that Josh went to LSU and he was a huge Tiger fan. So I decided to knit him a tiger teddy bear, wearing an LSU jersey. Either he was going to think it was totally lame and run far away from the weirdo girl who knit it for him, or he was going to think it was totally awesome! I took a chance, wrapped it up (used yarn as a bow), and gave it to him the night of his birthday.


Judging by his reaction and the ring that I have on my finger, I think he liked it! ūüôā He also wouldn’t let go of Mike the entire night, and even changed his Facebook profile picture to Mike drinking out of a straw. Such pride and love that man had for his newfound friend… That is when I knew I had a keeper!

Mike got to play a very special part in our engagement photos, which I love to pieces! He also now occupies a comfy spot on our mantle, right next to our wedding vows.


Still, to this day, I cannot get over how handsome my hubby is!! How did I get so lucky? Back when we were just dating, I remember obsessing over those photos I had taken from his birthday. He was just too cute, I remembered thinking. Happy 31st, Josh. I love you so much! <3

Freebie Friday: Printable December Calendar

december calendarAnother Freebie Friday, another fabulous printable!

This week we have put together a super cute calendar for the month of December. Just download it, print it, and fill it in with all of your fun holidays events!

To download, click here!

Be sure to check back in next week to see the Thanksgiving freebie we have for you! ūüôā

Freebie Friday: Printable Recipe Note Cards


Now that Halloween is behind us, we are gearing up for our favorite time of the year! Thanksgiving is in 3 weeks and what better way to get ready than with these totally awesome & totally free recipe note cards?!

Print them, cut them out, and get to sharing some of your favorite Thanksgiving recipes!

To download, click the link below.
Recipe Note Cards

Check back next week to see what fun freebie we have in store for you!

Trend Tuesday: Blush Pink

TT - Blush

There is so much pretty going on here I almost can’t stand it.

Blush Pink is a very common color selection in weddings, and for good reason. It is beautiful, romantic, feminine, but not too pink. It pairs beautifully with gold, silver, white and gray.

I personally had a blush pink themed wedding. #3 on the collage is my actual wedding bouquet! I love, love, loved my bouquet! Not only is it beautiful, it will last forever because it is made from silk petals. It is on display in my living room for me to admire until eternity.

I hope you enjoy this curation of wonderful blush items. I know it makes me want to get married all over again!

1. Floral Wreath Stickers, $12.50+, The Petite Package
2. Lace Magic Party Romper, $64, Spool 72
3. Peonies Bouquet, $110, Bragging Bags
4. Shabby Chic Mason Jars, $40, The Roche Shop
5. Tassel Garland Banner, $27+, Blush Bazaar
6. Set of 6 Bridesmaids Earrings, $75.60, Crystal Shadow
7. The Perfect Match Wedding Favors, $134+, Tea and Becky



Pumpkin Spice Toffee Cookie Recipe & DIY Packaging

Yesterday was super fun for me because I got enlisted by friend Danelle to help pretty¬†up the cookies she baked for a fundraiser at her work. There’s really nothing I love more than to craft, eat cookie dough, and drink wine, which is exactly what we did!


I snapped some pictures to show exactly how we made these packages so pretty, and also to share what is probably the easiest cookie recipe on the planet (and it’s also delicious!). Also, if you haven’t tried the Chocolate Shop wine that is shown in the¬†picture below, you need to do yourself a favor and go buy it! You can thank me later! ūüôā


Pumpkin Spice Toffee Cookie Recipe:

1 Box Betty Crocker Spice Cake Mix

1 12oz Can Pumpkin Puree

3/4 Cup Toffee Nuggets

Mix all 3 ingredients together in a bowl.

Batter complete!! (Told you! Easiest cookies ever!)

Bake at 400 for 10-14 minutes (depending on the size of your cookies).


I was seriously mind blown at how easy these cookies were. All of the baking powder, flour, and stuff that is always annoying to measure are in the cake mix! So genius.

So, once we had the cookies out of the oven and cooled, we started on the packaging.

I brought over some brown kraft bags, bakers twine, tags, stickers, and a “baked with love by” stamp.


We started by stamping the back of the bags and having Danelle sign her name.


Next, we wrapped 2 cookies in saran wrap and tied them up with gold bakers twine. I recommend doing this with baked goods so the oils and moisture don’t penetrate through the bag and ruin your pretty packaging.


Lastly, we sealed the bags with 3″ stickers, stuck a price sticker on the tag, and tied it on with orange & black bakers twine. Perfect considering the bake sale is on Halloween!


I don’t know about you, but I’d certainly pay $2 for these babies! ūüôā Especially when it’s going to a good cause.

You can replicate this packaging and find everything you need to do so by visiting my Etsy shop: The Petite Package

Items used:

Brown Kraft Bags

Brown Kraft Bags, $5

Gold Shimmer Twine, $3.50

Gold Shimmer Twine, $3.50

Orange & Black Twine, $2.50

Orange & Black Twine, $2.50

Orange Mini Tags

Orange Mini Tags

Custom Cookie Stickers

Custom Cookie Stickers

Custom Cookie Stickers

Custom Cookie Stickers

Baked With Love By Stamp

Baked With Love By Stamp


5 Things I Miss About My Old Job


Being a creative business owner certainly has its perks. I’ve said many times that I have my dream job, and I still stand by that statement. There are some things about the good ol’ banking days that I do miss, though. What, you might ask?¬†Read on, my friends…

1. Wearing nice clothes and having a reason to look like a decent human being.¬†I have read countless blogs that say if you work from home, the best thing you can do is put on real clothes in the morning. And oh, maybe try do something with that bedhead and no-makeup look you’ve got going on. Yeah…. about that. If someone could make me a magic potion that somehow makes me motivated to do that, let me know! ūüėČ I think, at one point, there was a girl that lived inside of me that loved to wear high-heels, trendy outfits, and MAC makeup. Now, there isn’t much that’s¬†getting me out of these yoga pants and oversized t-shirts! Yikes!

2. Normal work hours. I have developed this crazy sleep pattern… I stay up til 2 or 3 am and wake up at 9 or 10. What gives? There is nothing that is holding me hostage to the typical 9-5 so I guess my body is taking charge is telling me it wants to hang out and stay up late.¬†By the time I finish my work and have time to run errands, all of the store are closed and the people I want to bother are sleeping! Also, having a flexible schedule usually means that every work day is a bit different, and I miss having that consistency. My lunch hour is never at the same time, I am constantly sidetracked and agreeing to social engagements and appointments that fall within the work day, because I can ‘make it work.’ Sticking to a strict schedule is a work in progress for me.

3. People to talk to. You’ve experienced it before: Those days where you haven’t left the house in several days, you’re wearing the same clothes as you did the day before, and all of a sudden, you’re laughing to yourself at some lame joke that crossed your mind. Then, you can’t stop laughing so you just keep talking to yourself until you decide that that’s weird and you should probably not do that anymore. Then you hope to god nobody was peering through your window talking to yourself like a crazy person. So, you head downstairs to pour yourself a glass of wine while you dance around the kitchen listening to the N’Sync Pandora station. No? That’s just me? Well rats…. I really miss people.

4. IM & Email.¬†Again, people are required for this one. Have a bad day at work? Not to worry! My¬†co-worker is sharing in the same misery, and we can vent about it together on IM! Slow day at work? Nothing to do? Let’s photoshop pictures of our coworkers on Twilight movie stills, email it to everyone, and laugh until we can’t breathe and a customer walks in. Oh, the welcome distraction. I really do believe that great work thrives from a positive work environment. And what better way to create that than laughter, friends, and a good time.

5. People took me more seriously than they do now. This one is sad, but true. ūüôĀ I don’t know why, but describing what I do for a living is one of my least favorite things to do, and it frequently¬†comes up in conversation.¬†First of all, trying to describe all of the intimate details of what it is my business is about in a 1-2 sentence synopsis is like trying to tell someone that kittens aren’t cute. It simply can’t be done. Second, after the 1-2 sentence description, the typical responses I receive are, “Oh, so you have like a side business? That sounds so cute!¬†I wish I could be a stay-at-home wife. Is that like your hobby? What do you do with all of your spare time?” etc etc etc…. (I cringe). So, I¬†learned very quickly that I needed to be okay with¬†not measuring my success by other people’s opinions.

Well there you have it¬†folks, five¬†things I miss about the most about the good ol’ banking days. Never did think I would every say such things! You know what though, most of my best friendships stemmed from working in retail banking. There is something about being in an environment with one another… the bonds you form with those people are undeniable. ¬†There are some days where I just feel like a hot mess and miss¬†that positive encouragement and camradery.

So tell me! Whether you currently work a 9-5 job, are a business owner, or somewhere in between РWhat is the least favorite part about your job? What do you love most?

Trend Tuesday: Boots

Trend Tuesday - Boots


YESSS it’s boot season!!!!

I don’t know about you, but this summer I realized how much I didn’t like wearing flats. They’re just so uncomfortable, you know? WELLL girls, it’s officially fall and boot season is among us! That means leggings, cardigans, scarves, and a pair of awesome boots to hide those pasty Seattle legs! (or maybe that’s just me?)

I’ve created a collage of my 6 must-haves for this fall and winter. Some are tried and true, others are on my wish list!

1. Sabbina Boot in Cognac, $39.95,

This is my most recent boot purchase for this fall! You really can’t beat the price, and I’ve already gotten so many compliments on these over-the-knee beauties! My fave color is cognac, but this boot comes in 2 other awesome colors as well.

2. DV by Dolce Vita Carlin, $42,

Oh, I must have these. Have you checked out yet? It’s Zappo’s outlet store! I am obsessed! These boots will definitely have you looking hippie chic and right on trend for this fall.

3. Sara Boot, $39.95,

These slouchy boots are perfect for a more casual, cool look. I am also loving this creamy color, it’s not something you see every day. Definitely cute with a pair of skinny jeans and an infinity scarf.

4. Enzo Angiolini Deanja Riding Boot, $103.99,

This boot is a staple and a classic. Just like the LBD, you need a pair of sleek black boots that will never go out of style! Perfect for the workplace or a night out.

5. Bailey Bow Tall Ugg Boot, $250,

Having one of those days where you just can’t put it all together? Not to worry! No need to step out of the yoga pants for these boots. Pair these with a comfy oversized tee, cardi, or sweater. Comfort & style!

6. Polka Dot Rainboots, $49.95,

Don’t let a rainy day rain on your parade! Step out into the mist in these oh-so-cute rain boots! I personally had these boots for the first couple years of living in Seattle. I received so many compliments, as they are way cuter than your standard boring rain boots. Go splash in a puddle!

So there you have it folks! 6 amazing boots on a budget! (With the exception of the Uggs, but you know… they’re Uggs!) I personally don’t like spending a fortune on boots because they usually get a few scuffs the first day I wear them, and I would cry if they were expensive. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to stay stylish without breaking the bank.

Happy fall, ¬†y’all!




Freebie Friday: Downloadable Halloween Clip Art

halloween clip artIT’S FREEBIE FRIDAY!

Man, we sure do love Freebie Friday around here. It’s starting to become one of our favorite days. Although, Friday has ALWAYS been our favorite day of the work week. ūüôā

This week we have made up this adorable petite package of Halloween clip art. Clip art is such an amazing thing. You can do so much stuff with clip art.

You could use these cute little ghosts and spiders in a Halloween invitation…

Halloween Clip Art Examples

Or you could use some of this clip art on a hang tag for your treats!

halloween clipart example 2

There are tons of different ways to incorporate this super cute Halloween themed clip art into your holiday crafts!

To download our Halloween Clip Art, please click the link below.
Halloween 5 PK Clip Art

Be sure to check back in next Friday to see what freebie we have in store for you!

Trend Tuesday: Monograms

Trend Tuesday - MonogramsEveryone loves a good monogram. It’s a fact. There is just something so great about getting that awesome iPhone case or robe monogrammed. Monograms can make your wedding day super personal as well. We have thrown together a list of some of our favorite monogrammed items to make your¬†wedding day even more special!

1. Tribal Arrow Wedding Stamp, $39.50+, The Petite Package

2. Preppy Monogrammed Wedding Koozies, $79, Rook Design Co.

3. Monogram Wedding Cake Topper, $90, Studio Bloom Iowa

4. Rustic Monogrammed Guestbook, $24.99, The Paper Walrus

5. Set of 6 Monogrammed Bridal Party Robes, $210+, Heritage Wedding

6. Nautical Wedding Stickers, $12.50+, The Petite Package

7. Painted Monogram, $28.95+, Custom Cut Monograms

8. Monogram Stickers, $12.50+, The Petite Package

9. Personalized Wedding Ring Bag, $7.50, Clementine Weddings

10. Personalized Cutting Board, $31.95+, Shady Oak Board Co.

All of these beautiful wedding items can be purchased from a variety of Etsy sellers just like The Petite Package! Etsy is a great place to look for unique and handmade wedding items. I encourage every one of you amazing brides to give Etsy a little looksie!

Do you like any of our monogrammed picks this week? Let us know in the comments!!

Freebie Friday: Printable Workout Journal

freebie friday - workout scheduleIT’S FREEBIE FRIDAY!

Okay, I know the holidays are coming up, but that is no reason to start slacking off yet! Keep up the hard work and stay on track with this Beyonce fabulous workout journal! Using a workout journal is so helpful in knowing where you are in your growth. It can be so hard to remember what weight you did with each exercise, let alone how many sets and reps. If you write it down, you can see exactly what you did, and try and add 5 more pounds, or pump out a few extra reps. So print these out for each gym session and watch your progress grow! You can even hole punch them and put them in a super cute binder. Now go get it, girl!

Download the workout schedule here.

Be sure to check back next week to see what fabulous thing we have in store for you!

Trend Tuesday: Costumes

Trend Tuesday- CostumesCostumes are one of the best parts about Halloween (besides the candy, of course!) We have put together a collection of some our favorite costumes featured on Etsy this year.

1. Authentic Native American Costume, Bonny Bikini, $175
2. Little Gnome Baby, Little Bean Art, $12
3. Baby Bam Bam, Gizmo Purses, $59+
4. Adult Ariel from The Little Mermaid, MTBG Boutique, $98.99
5. Popeye and Olive Oyl, Going Once Going Twice, $50
6. Mini Football Costume, LaLa Boutique Bling, $29.997.
Owl Costume, Abbys Attic ATX, $80+
8. Adult Mulan, Playful Princesses, $349

What are you and your family dressing up for Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

Freebie Friday: Printable Halloween Stickers/Tags

FF Halloween StickersHalloween is right around the corner! Use these FREE stickers/tags for your Halloween party or sweet treats to hand out to the all of the little kiddies. ūüôā

These stickers/tags measure 2″. If you are using these as stickers, you will need sticker paper. You can purchase sticker at local craft/department stores. If you decide to use them as tags, you can print them on cardstock (or any paper of your choice) and punch out holes in the top with a hole punch.

Download these cute Halloween stickers here.

Remember to check back next week to see what free item we will have for you!

Trend Tuesday: DIY Pumpkins

Trend Tuesday_ PumpkinsThe holiday season is coming into full swing and we are gearing up for Halloween here at The Petite Package! One of my favorite things to do in honor of Halloween and the fall season is sitting pumpkins out on my front porch. There are so many different things you can do with pumpkins these days. I have compiled a DIY Pumpkin list full of super fun and easy ways to personalize pumpkins!

01. Black Cat O’Lanterns
I am a huge cat lover! What cuter way to share your love for cats and Halloween than with this black cat o’latern?! Carve out the eyes, cut some pointy ears out of cardstock, get your some black spray paint, and voila! Seems simple enough! Sunset

02. Decoupage Photo Pumpkin
This is a pumpkin that you can make SUPER personal! Allie is going to be making this one with pictures of her adorable little toddler, Andee Beth. All you need is a pumpkin, mod podge, a paintbrush, and some of your favorite photos.
Sugar and Charm

03. Vine-and-Leaf Carved Pumpkin
This one looks difficult, but the lovely Martha Stewart has made it super easy for us! Head on over to her blog for templates for this beautiful carved pumpkin!
Martha Stewart

04. Glitter Monogrammed Pumpkin
Who doesn’t love a good monogrammed pumpkin? Add glitter to it and you have yourself one totally adorable pumpkin!
Unoriginal Mom

05. Glittered Chevron Pumpkin
My love for glitter grows more and more as the days pass! You could do this one in any color (mint, maybe?!) and it would look just as cute.

06. No-Carve Mummy Pumpkin
This pumpkin idea would be perfect to do with your kids! No-carve= No-mess!

07. Glittered Pumpkin Placecards
At The Petite Package, we specialize in wedding products. So, adding this one to list was a no brainer for me! What is so great about these pumpkins, are that you can do a gold glitter one if you want. You don’t even have to use these for a wedding! You could totally use them for that last minute Halloween party you are planning!
Formal Fringe

08. Modern Halloween Pumpkins
These pumpkins are to DIE for! To make these babies, all you need is tape, black paint, and a paintbrush. I would add a cute bow on the stem of mine.
Crafty in Crosby

Also, here are some tips on how to make your pumpkin last longer!

There you have it! Allie and I will definitely be trying out some of the cute pumpkin ideas!!

Are you and your family making pumpkins this year? What kind do you plan on making? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Crafting!

Freebie Friday: Printable Halloween Invitation

halloween invitationIt’s Freebie Friday!

Halloween is right around the corner and do we have a treat for you!

This week we are giving you these fill-in Halloween invitations! They are ideal for every Halloween party to come. The best thing about these invitations? You don’t need an envelope. Just stick a stamp to the back and mail off like a postcard! ūüôā

To download: Click on the links below, download, print, cut out, and mail off. Easy as pie!
Halloween Invitation FRONT  Halloween Invitation BACK

Make sure to check back every Friday to find out what we are giving away for FREE! ūüôā

Happy Halloween!

Trend Tuesday: Burlap and Lace

Trend Tuesday_ Burlap and Lace copy 2Burlap and lace is a trend that is making it’s way through wedding season this Fall. It gives off that rustic vibe that so many brides hope for.

Here is a collection of some of our favorite burlap and lace products that you can buy and make yourself!

1. Personalized Ring Bearer Pillow, My Montana Homestead, $12
2. Burlap and Twine Wine Bottles, Rustic Wedding Chic, DIY
3. Burlap and Lace Wedding Programs, Anna Lou Avenue, $2.65+
4. Burlap Wedding Cake, The I Do Moment, DIY
5. Burlap and Lace Aisle Bows, The Lovely Find, DIY
6. Tan and Black Laced Burlap Bouquets, Gypsy Farm Girl, $85

What do you think of the burlap and lace trend popping up on the wedding map? Do you like it? Are you using burlap and lace in your own wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

Freebie Friday: Printable Office Print

Print for OfficeIt’s Freebie Friday!

Need a little motivation to make your bad day a good day? Look no further! Enjoy this FREE printable for your office!

Check back next week to see what Freebie we have in store for you guys!

To download: Click the link below, download, and print. Voila!
“It’s A Good Day” Print

Trend Tuesday: 6 DIY Wreaths


Happy Fall Y’all!

In honor of it being the first day of Fall (our favorite season), we decided to put together a collection of super cute DIY Fall Wreaths. If you are like us and love making your own wreaths for every season/holiday, then this collection is for you!

01. Alabama Roll/Crimson Tide Pom Pom Wreath
ROLL TIDE! Football season is in full swing and what better way to pay tribute to your favorite team than with a super cute wreath hanging on your front door?
Kottage on the Kurve

02. Berry Fall Wreath
This wreath is traditional but still very cute. It only costs about $25 to make, which is pretty cheap when crafting a wreath! Totally worth it!!
The Pink Lou Lou

03. Sunshine Wreath
Mustard is a super hot color for this Fall. Use the color of the season in this super unique wreath!
Yellow Mums

04. Burlap Wreath
Burlap, burlap, burlap! Who doesn’t love burlap these days? It’s classic and trendy at the same time.
The Fab Life

05. LSU Burlap Wreath
I know my in-laws would freak over this wreath. Oh how the Arces love their LSU football!
Peace, Love, Burlap

06. Argyle Yarn Owl Wreath
My love is mint, but Allie’s love is owls! When she saw this wreath she HAD to put it on the list! Dress your door up with be-hoot-iful owls and funky prints!
Handmade is Heartmade

Happy Crafting!

What did you think of our Fall favorites?! Will you be making your own wreath this holiday season? Tell us in the comments below!

Freebie Friday: Downloadable iPhone Background

iphone5s-selection-hero-2013This Freebie Friday we have¬†Rihanna on our mind!¬†Enjoy this downloadable iPhone background and remember to “Shine Bright like a Diamond!”

Check back next week to see what Freebie we have in store for you!

To download: Click on the link below, download, and set it as your wallpaper!
“Shine Bright” iPhone Background

Trend Tuesday: Mint

Trend Tuesday_ Mint copySo, I think that you all know how much I¬†love mint by now! There is a reason I painted my office this awesome color, it just makes me so happy! if it’s mint… I have to have it.

Here is a collection of yummy mint awesomeness!

01. Mint Paged Journal My love for paper and mint wrapped up into one glorious product! This is definitely on my wish list. People, take note. Jackdaw Bindery, $31.47+

02. DIY Mint Desk Makeover Want to get your hands dirty? Try out this DIY Mint Desk Makeover! It is definitely one that¬† I am contemplating taking on myself. What do you think? Mint office, mint wills… too much?! Nah… ūüėČ The 36th Avenue

03. Mint KitchenAid Mixer In my opinion, KitchenAid has some of the best appliances for the kitchen. Not only do they work extremely well, they come in an assortment of bright and fun colors (including mint)! A KitchenAid mixer was my #1 most wanted thing on my wedding registry, but unfortunately we didn’t get one. I am saving up for one of these babies the hard way. ūüôā

KitchenAid, $350+

04. Mint Pencils This girl’s shop is hilarious! I mean seriously, I must have these.¬†Going in my shopping cart right now! JulieAnnArt, $5

05. Mint Heart Stickers So pretty and oh-so-cute! Great for DIY projects, sealing envelopes, or for putting that special touch on stationary. The Petite Package, $5

06. Mint Backpack This mint backpack is adorable! If I were still in school, I would totally have this on the top of my back to school shopping list!! By Goods, $24.99

What do you think of this week’s trend? Do you love mint? What are some of your favorite color trends? Let us know in the comments below!

Real Wedding Feature: Danelle & Jason!

My friend, Danelle, and her husband, Jason, celebrated their one year anniversary last week. I had full intentions of publishing this post on their actual anniversary, but low and behold – life got the best of me. BUT life happens, and I’m not going to let that stop me from sharing their wonderful day with y’all!

I’ve been wanting to feature a real wedding on my blog for a while now. There’s something just so cool at looking at pictures from someone’s special day. It’s inspiring, it’s nostalgic, it’s sentimental.

I remember their wedding like it was yesterday. It’s absolutely crazy how fast the time flies. I had the honor of doing makeup for the bridal party and the bride, which was pretty much the coolest thing ever. The fact that Danelle had that much trust in me was extremely flattering. I’m going to go ahead and give myself a pat on the back since she looked simply breathtaking!

The following is a collection of photos from their special day. You will see from the photos what a wonderful, happy couple they are. It’s very obvious that they were made for one another! And oh my goodness, let me tell you about their first dance. People…. it was hot! I mean, talk about sexy. Do you know what Bachata is? Where 2 people basically do the sexiest, sensual dance moves together but it’s completely coordinated, tasteful, and jaw-dropping? That’s what their first dance was. No eighth-grade slow dance moves (like my own first dance). This shit was for real. I wish I had a video to show you, because the pictures just don’t do it justice. Just take my word for it and let the sexiness seep into your imagination.

Happy Anniversary, Danelle & Jason!











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