9 Trendy Back-to-School Supplies

9 Trendy Back to School SuppliesCollection curated by Allie; The Petite Package

Since school is back in full swing, we put together a collection of trendy and super cute school supplies. We’ve been on a collection kick lately!

01. Ikat Tribal Backpack, $21.99, thousandhands.etsy.com
02. Customizable May Designs Notebook, $19+, maydesigns.com
03. 4GB Popsicle USB Flash Drive, $6, focalprice.com
04. Kaleidoscope Poly Pocket Folder, $2, poppin.com
05. Gentle Reminders Pencils, $12, amandacatherinedesigns.etsy.com
06. Anchor Lunchbox, $19.95, monogramexpress.etsy.com
07. Slip-On Calculator, $28, anthropologie.com
08. Hey Girl Journal, $9.95, urbanoutfitters.com
09. Customizable Family Planner, $35, plumpaperdesigns.etsy.com

Is it just us or are school supplies these days way cuter than back in the 90’s?

What do you think of our favorite school supplies this year?
Let us know in the comments!

Until next time–
Monica & Allie

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